Women demand more action on climate change

In May 2007, the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) and Women’ s Environmental Network (WEN) jointly launched the Women’s Manifesto on Climate Change.

The Women's Manifesto presents women's priorities for UK government and industry action on climate change and calls for greater mobilization of women as a powerful resource in reducing UK carbon emissions. It also emphasize the need to involve women in climate change decision-making, and to reflect women's environmental concerns. It calls upon the government for more action to tackle climate change.

The manifesto is based on a survey, ‘Getting in the Picture: Women's Priorities for Action and Involvement in Tackling Climate Change’, in which more than 500 women took part. Currently (March 2008), it is signed by individuals and organizations representing more than 300,000 persons.

Storm in a Teacup

To create a large storm of female opinion on climate change and organize a UK-wide series of meetings and events - in the form of tea parties - which will enable women to raise government awareness of women's concerns about climate change and demonstrate women's importance as 'change agents'.

Storm in a Teacup is WEN’s 2007 climate change campaign. WEN local groups will host delightfully subversive tea parties bringing together local leaders and organizations to learn about women’s priorities on climate change. Storm in a Teacup will promote the Women’s Manifesto on Climate Change. As a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, WEN is campaigning to strengthen the Climate Change Bill. The tea parties will be held between September 2007 and March 2008, timed to add to the clamour for an effective, protective Bill.

Who we are

GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice is the global network of women and gender activists and experts from all world regions working for gender and climate justice.