Gender and Climate Change Activities @ COP10 - Buenos Aires 2004

During COP10, two side events on gender and climate change were organised by the ETC Foundation, and by LIFE e.V. and WECF:

The side event by ETC addressed "Gender and climate change: vulnerability and adaptation" and focused on the importance of including a gender perspective in the vulnerability/adaptation discourse, as well as in related initiatives.Presentations were given by Angie Dazé (Care Canada), Margaret Skutsch (facilitator), Phil O'Keefe (ETC-UK), Tom Bakkum (CATHALAC) and William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu (EPA Ghana). LIFE e.V. and WECF's event, "From theory to practice: analysing gender impacts of climate change policies and mechanisms", discussed how strategies used to reduce emissions impact differently on women and men. Instruments for analysing gender issues were presented and linked to the context of climate change.The panelists were: Nicole Wilke (German Environmental Ministry), Margaret Skutsch (University of Twente, Netherlands), Gotelind Alber (Climate Alliance of European Cities), Ulrike Röhr (LIFE/WECF), Lars Friberg (CAN Europe), and Paul Baer (University of California, Berkeley).

In the follow up of the two side events, the main organisers published a press release and a position paper on how to integrate gender into the climate change regime, specifying what issues should be addressed, which was distributed to Parties.