Gender and Climate Change Activities @ COP12 - Nairobi 2006

The 12th UN-Conference on Climate Change in Kenya focused on sub-Sahara Africa – a region that will be strongly affected by climate change, with women playing a particularly important role in efforts to address this challenge. On the one hand, women are particularly affected by global environmental changes, and on the other hand, they play a key role for the development and implementation of adaptation measures.

This issue was addressed in an intervention in the plenary by Annabell Waititu from Kenya on behalf of the gender and climate change community. Her statement highlighted the impacts of climate change on women in Africa and all over the world and expressed the need for information, technology transfer, and resources – particularly for women and especially for Africa. The women who gathered at COP12 called for a creative and integrated approach to climate change policy and offered to the member states: "if you are lacking in ideas, women are prepared to contribute!"

As in previous years, a group of women, coordinated by LIFE e.V., lobbied at the conference to ensure that the discussion was not limited to technocratic issues, but that social aspects of climate change are recognised and addressed - especially where the interests of women are concerned. The women's caucus also developed a list of lobbying points to guide the members' activities at the COPs.

An information booth provided the information needed, as well as space for lots of debates about gender issues with delegates, showing the growing interest in bringing gender into the negotiations.

Related to a research review on gender and climate change, which was undertaken by Minu Hemmati und Ulrike Röhr from LIFE e.V. in cooperation with and funded by the FAO, a side event was held titled "Research on gender aspects of climate change: preliminary findings".
A short report on the side event and some pictures can be found here (go to Nov 9).