Anticolonial Month Berlin

The Anticolonial Month in October 2019 will host several events on anticolonial struggles from Berlin-based activists. Check out the programme!

Today starts the Anticolonial Month, Antikolonialer Monat 2019 in Berlin! An alliance of migrant, PoC and feminist collectives based in Berlin, the Anticolonial Berlin, is organising this month to raise awareness about ongoing colonial structures from Germany to the Global South and within Germany.
There are planned a lot of events throughout the whole month: this weekend, the Antikoloniales Forum 2019 will take place with lots of panels, workshops and talks on different anticolonial issues. On 12 October, the Antikoloniale Demo 2019 will protest against racist, colonial and imperialist structures on the day of the false called "discovery of the Americas".
Our colleague Malu Tello will participate at the forum giving a workshop on Workshop 2: Imperialism, Patriarchy and Nature - Room 2 to explain how exploitation of (indigenous) territories and exploitation of female and non-binary bodies are intertwinned. There will also be several different events hosted by Malu throughout the month, keep updated via our social media!