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The Gender Assessment and Monitoring of Adaptation and Mitigation (GAMMA

Please find here the advance version of our booklet "The Gender Assessment and Monitoring of Adaptation and Mitigation (GAMMA) methodology: a practical handbook on gender and urban climate policy" developed in the project "Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative" (GUCCI). You can access it in the download section on the right side. Further materials will come soon.

Status Quo Reports

The very first step before applying the 'Gender Assessment & Monitoring of Mitigation and Adaptation' (GAMMA) methodology to examine local adaptation and mitigation policies for their gender responsiveness was to prepare the status quo reports for all the pilot’ cities.

These status quo reports compromised of various sections:

Sections I and II give an overview on the Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative (GUCCI) & the planned assessment and monitoring of mitigation and adaptation policies, and includes the general information (e.g. geographical location, magnitude and population) about the cities along with impact of socioeconomic factors. Section III discusses the nature and extent of climate hazards affecting these cities. Section IV provides information on the city’s response to climate change, covering national frameworks, city-level commitments, strategies in various sectors along with their implementation. Section V reviews the relevant policy frameworks in detail with respect to gender. The next section of the report is also based on the knowledge gap and challenges. The last section includes the preliminary conclusion on the current situation of the respective city.

The objective behind the structuring of status quo report was to carry out an analysis (of data) of all the cities on a same degree to ensure the successful preparation and implementation of the GAMMA-methodology. The status quo reports provide a baseline of available policies and institutions and instruments against which legislative changes will be able to be compared (at the end of the project).

Also the status quo reports support the partners’ peer learning and their exchange of knowledge about all the pilot cities among project partner countries.

The status quo reports can be found as downloads at the right hand side.

Project Explanatory Video

The team of the project has produced a short explanatory video to give an introduction to the linkages between climate change and gender in the specific context of urban areas. Find out more why addressing gender aspects in urban planning is crucial to enhance cities' resilience to the impacts of climate change.

  • You can find the video of the project with Spanish subtitles, here.
  •  Puedes encontrar el video del proyecto GUCCI con subtítulos en español, aquí.