Gender must be at the heart of climate action

In the field of climate advocacy, women are given less jurisdiction and are more likely to suffer from the consequences of climate change. In order to build a more equitable form of climate action, women must be given agency and their needs must be addressed.

In the wake of recent disastrous climate events, this issue has become more pressing. India's monsoon season, as well as Hurricane Irma in America, have caused damage that will likely have a disproportionate effect on women. Since women are often responsible for childcare, food preparation, and other domestic needs that are threatened by climate disasters, their roles will likely change after the effects of these climate events. In turn, their voices should be given proportionate weight in the field of climate advocacy.

What are ways to solve this problem? With examples from solar training for women to a group of women's alternative energy startup, this article by Isabella Lövin and Howard Bamsey discusses solutions.


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