Gender and Climate Change Activities @ COP14 - Poznan 2008

Jacqueline van Meygaarden provided an overview on activities by GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice during COP14 in her video documentation Gender Justice in Times of a Changing Climate.

Women's and gender activities at COP14 in Poznan included:

Daily women's caucuses raised key issues to be address during the current negotiations, lobbying points, strategies and questions of collaborations with other.

Side Event: Gender justice in climate change policy
This side event discussed the need and possibilities to include womens perspectives into climate related policies. Inputs were given by Gotelind Alber (GenderCC), Meike Spitzner (Wuppertal Institute), Sharmind Neelormi and Claire Greensfelder (WECF).
Take a look at Gotelind Alber's presentation on "Gender Aspects in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation".

International Conference: Gender Justice in Times of a Changing Climate
With around 100 participants, the conference hosted by LIFE e.V. and GenderCC was a great success. The main issue discussed was how climate change causes injustices and how this can be addressed.
As part of the international conference the statement Keep Nuclear Power out of CDM was released.

Press Briefing: Gender justice in times of a changing climate
GenderCC presented proposals for the integration of gender into the UNFCCC process, which were developed during the international conference "Gender Justice in Times of a Changing Climate".
Take a look at the press release and the feminist background paper by Gender CC on Gender justice as the basis for sustainable climate policies.

Side Event: Our Vision for Gender Justice in the Copenhagen Outcomes
Gender and climate change experts from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Pacific presented experiences and achievements, gaps and strategies for making the future climate regime fair to women and men. In addition, GenderCC presented its vision and key demands for the upcoming Copenhagen outcomes.

Action: Emissions Down - Women' Rights Up

Intervention in the Closing Plenary
Svitlana Slesarenok from Black Sea Women's Club, who was in Poznan with WECF - Women in Europe for a Common Future, held an intervention on behalf of the Women's Caucus in the closing plenary of COP14.

Furthermore, GenderCC made a submission on the state of the negotiations on REDD. It's available for download.

An overview of all women's and gender activities at COP14 is available here.