Gender activities leading up to COP15 in Copenhagen

A series of conferences paved the road to Copenhagen advancing the negotiations in order to facilitate results at the upcoming COP15. Women and gender experts were extremely busy, lobbying for the integration of gender into the Copenhagen outcomes. 

AWG-KP9/AWG-LCA7 Meeting, November 2009 in Barcelona

On a daily basis a Women's Caucus was held during the meeting in Barcelona.

The Women and Gender Constituency developed proposals for gender paragraphs to be included in the Shared Vision preamble.

AWG-KP9/AWG-LCA7 Meeting, September 2009 in Bangkok

Training on Women and Climate Change
Gender experts held a two-day training on women and climate change. This training introduced women from grassroot organisations and women's activists to issues debated and negotiated in climate change. Besides of the training, the local knowledge attained by the participating women in their every-day struggle to adapt to the changing climate was discussed as well.
Take a look at the program and the Asian Women's Declaration on Climate Change

Women's March 
Heavy rains did not stop women, environmentalists, indigenous people and women's rights organizations from staging a protest action in front of the UNESCAP building. The women unfurled a giant collaborative quilt on the impacts of global warming on Asian communities and the people’s responses. The quilt, a symbol of unity, creativity and diversity, drew together stories of struggle for climate justice.

Intervention at the closing plenary
Esperanza Santos held an intervention at the closing plenary on behalf of the Women's Caucus and the Asian Women's Network.
In addition, the Women's Caucus issued a joint statement.

AWG informal consultations, August 2009 in Bonn

The informal meeting in Bonn offered no space for interventions or side events.
However, gender advocates used the opportunity of the more intimate atmosphere to lobby. Also, the women's caucus was held every day.

SB30 Meeting, June 2009 in Bonn

The 30th sessions of the UNFCCC subsidiary bodies - SBSTA and SBI, the eighth session of the AWG-KP and the sixth session of the AWG-LCA, took place in Bonn, Germany from June 1st to 12th, 2009.

Women's and gender activities included:

Daily women's caucus organized by GenderCC aiming at strategizing and sharing information, as well as to undertaking further steps towards the recognition as an official constituency in the UNFCCC process.

Side Event: "Gender mainstreaming and beyond. National strategies to engender climate change policy" by LIFE e.V. and GenderCC.

Conference and Film Festival: "Survival at stake? What is needed in Copenhagen for the most vulnerable?" held by GenderCC together with Germanwatch e.V. and several other NOGs.

Side Event: "Gender, Migration and Climate Change" hosted by GenderCC and WECF with presentations by Maira Zahur (Pakistan), Sharmind Neelormi (Bangladesh) and Keti Kiria (Georgia).
The side event can be watched in the UNFCCC webcast

Intervention in the closing plenary by Khamarunga Banda, South Africa (ENERGIA/WEDO) on behalf of the Women's Caucus.

Submissions to the 5th and 7th Sessions of the Ad Hoc Working Groups

An increasing number of countries such as Bangladesh, Lesotho (on behalf of the LDCs), Guatemala (on behalf of Central America), Colombia (Adaptation), Tuvalu, Finland, Iceland (with Norway and Denmark), Georgia (community-based CDM projects), Algeria (on behalf of the African Group) mentioned gender in their contributions or submissions to the Ad Hoc Working Groups.
Please find selected gender related submissions by non-governmental organisations in the download box on the right side.

On behalf of women and gender NGOs GenderCC held a joint statement with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) speaking on behalf of the TUNGOS at the Final Plenary Session at AWG-LCA5 / AGW-KP7.