How to cope with the corona and climate crises in a gender-just way

The discussion paper, edited by genanet, GenderCC and LIFE e.V., highlights the connections between the corona crisis and the climate crisis, and discusses the responses in Germany. Together, they contribute to create another crisis that has already become apparent, at least in the nursing and education sectors: the crisis of care work.


A look at the (very similar) effects of the corona and climate crises on gender relations shows that they are based on structural inequalities and discrimination. It seems that life and survival, and the maintenance of daily life in both the corona and the climate crises are only secured by the fact that the resulting work is absorbed in an area that is already heavily burdened: the paid and unpaid care work in hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly and private households. Many gender experts therefore worry about the long-term negative effects on gender relations and a re-traditionalization of gender roles.


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