European Parliament adopts report on women, gender equality and climate justice

The European Parliament has adopted a report prepared by MEP Linnéa Engstöm from Sweden on women, gender equality and climate justice. It outlines how climate change affects women disproportionately and gives several examples for the structural vulnerabilities of women to the impacts of climate change. The report furthermore highlights the importance of women for a transition to clean, safe and renewable energy.


GenderCC welcomes the decision by the European Parliament and congratulates all Members of the European Parliament that supported and voted in favour of the report. We also extend our gratitude to all civil society advocates who lobbied for its successful adoption, foremost to GenderCC's Steering Committee member Ewa Larsson from Sweden.


We are convinced that the report will serve as a powerful tool to advocate for gender-just climate and energy policies in the EU member states and will continue to hold all countries and actors accountable and to push for the integration of gender consideration into all climate-related policies, programs and projects.


The report is available here.