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December 2015 - COP21 Special Edition

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News from GenderCC


  • GenderCC AGM @ COP21
  • Project updates: GenderNETClim
  • Launch of the "Gender...
  • Activities in Berlin

Gender @ UNFCCC


  • Side event
  • Gender Day
  • WGC


Actions at COP21


  • Eiffel tower
  • Civil society walk out
  • Gender actions


Media highlights


  • Etc


Who is Who at GenderCC


  • Interviews with members
  • Lara?




Calendar of Events





News from GenderCC

Gender @ UNFCCC

Actions @ COP21

Who is who at GenderCC


Margaret Alston (2013): Environmental Social Work: Accounting for Gender in Climate Disasters. An article studying the environment social workers can face as a consequence of climate events and global warming and the significance of gender as a key factor to consider in their work.

Calendar of Events