#EndCoal Demonstration in Bonn

On Saturday, November 4, the GenderCC team as well as 25,000 other activists attended the #endcoal march in Bonn prior to COP23. A feminist bloc including queer feminists, a band of drummers in pink, and GenderCC, took a prominent place in the march. The message of the group was clear: climate justice and gender justice are important, non-negotiable goals of feminists and climate activists.


The demonstration began with speeches and performances in Münsterplatz, Bonn, and then continued as a march all the way to the UN campus, about a 2-hour walk. The street was closed for several kilometers to make way for activists and journalists. The feminist bloc, with about 500 activists in total, spent the march chanting several of our slogans, and building up energy for climate justice and gender-just solutions.


At the end of the march, all groups arrived at a street closure with several booths and a stage, where different groups represented their work and performers and activists spoke from the center stage. Tired but feeling fulfilled, feminists were able to enjoy taking pictures, eating some much-needed food, and hearing about the success of the march. 


Now, in the days following the march, GenderCC’s Secretariat is grateful to have had the opportunity to show our commitment to climate justice and ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Overall, the demonstration was a very successful one which showed the power of people and activists in the face of climate change, patriarchy, and all forms of oppression.