GUCCI Stakeholder Workshop in Mumbai

On 25th October 2017 in Mumbai, GenderCC affiliate All Indian Women's Conference held a workshop for local stakeholders and community members to meet and discuss the intersections between gender and climate change, as well as their own role in these issues. The successful workshop also included discussion of GenderCC’s project, the Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative.

On 25th October 2017, members of GenderCC’s partner organization All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) in India organized a workshop for local stakeholders and community members in Mumbai. The event brought together young paramedicals, nursing students, and teaching trainees, ages 21 to 25, with experts on the intersecting issues of gender and climate change.

The goals of the workshop were threefold: to educate the youth population in  India about climate change, to help attendees understand their roles and responsibilities in the climate crisis, and to identify specific target groups (such as teachers in training) who can best spread this knowledge within society through their occupation.

Speakers were sure to not leave participants feeling disenfranchised and hopeless, but rather empowered by their own ability to influence the climate and politics surrounding these issues. For example, although corporate deforestation companies are quickly removing the forest, Indian citizens and women in particular have the ability to influence forest agriculture through use of indigenous and traditional forestry practices. Through use of women’s community knowledge and social practices, collective action can help protect the forests against these corporate destructive agencies, Professor Patel said.

Testimonials were collected from each participant in the workshop, and they came with resounding praise. Participants wrote comments such as „we were confused, but this workshop explained the role that we play in the environmental issue“ and „I could never relate to the gender and climate change aspect but this session gave me lots of knowledge about its connection with each other.“ Overall, it was a very successful workshop that helped to educate the public on gender and climate change, so they can now spread the knowledge even further.