GenderCC Solidarity Statement with Black Lives Matter and the Protests against White Supremacy

We as GenderCC manifest our solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the US, the ongoing protests against police violence against black people in the United States and in other countries, where people are taking the streets to support the movement.
The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer shows how white supremacy is anchored in governments and public forces which maintain a unequal system of power which exploits, discriminates, oppresses and kills historically racialized communities.
The existing capitalist, patriarchal and racist global systems belong together and work on the costs of black, indigenous and queer people and commmunities. As a network which fights for gender and climate justice, we understand that the intersections between oppression of racialized peoples and the destruction of nature and climate change must be addressed and fought. In order to live on a sustainable, equitable planet we need to dismantle racist and patriarchal systems and construct societies based on the experience and knowledge of historically oppressed communities.
GenderCC stands against any form of state violence against BIPoC communities, women, queers and other marginalised persons and solidarises with people's protests all over the world.
Gender and climate justice are only possible with #antiracist, #antifascist and #anticolonial action!